POLYU Teaching

I've been Lecturing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2003.

2012 - PRESENT

POLYU School of Design::Graduate & Undergraduate Teaching
I teach a wide range of courses at the graduate level at PolyU: Project Management and Business Model Development and Entrepreneurship at the School of Design. Electronic Commerce at the Department of Computing.

Here are the courses that I have developed and/or delivered for POLYU:
- SD5953: Successful Project Management
- SD5946: Introduction to Sociable Robots
- SD5963: Entrepreneurship
- SD5965: Interactive Multimedia Environments
- SD5954: Innovative Multimedia Project Development I
- SD5955: Innovative Multimedia Project Development II
- SD5900: Masters Capstone Project
- SD5901: Masters Capstone Project
- SD3471: Entrepreneurship

2011 - 2012

POLYU MLAB::Startup Mentor & Entrepreneur in Residence

In 2011 I attended a Startup Weekend event being organized by BootHK. At that time I created and developed (with a team of two others, Stephen and Devon) an organization called VoteCSR. We were one of 8 finalist teams for that weekend. As I am an experienced entrepreneur, many of the other teams were asking me for help with their concepts. My participation in this manner attracted the attention of the management of M-LAB and they asked me if I was interested in becoming a permanent mentor in the form of working at M-LAB as an Entrepreneur in Residence. I was only too glad to take the role on. This led to me being invited to become a Visiting Lecturer in various topics from 2012 onwards. Again, I was only too glad to participate.

2002 - 2004

POLYU Department of Computing::Visiting Lecturer

As a result of my performance as a Keynote Speaker, I was also invited by the Chair of the Department of Computing of POLYU to deliver a course in their Masters of Science in Electronic Commerce program in early 2002. I taught eCommerce Technologies at POLYU for the next two intakes.

POLYU & Sun Wah Pearl::LPI Instructor

My involvement with POLYU first started in 2001 when I was invited by Sun Wah Pearl to deliver the keynote speech at the first ever Hong Kong Linux Symposium. I was pleased and honored to do this. The event went well and I was subsequently invited by Sun Wah to prepare and deliver the first Linux Professional Institute Course course in Hong Kong which I did in the summer of 2002.

Vocational Work
I also deliver a subset of my DICE curriculum as a series of short lectures called Practical Entrepreneurship outside of the University milieu at a variety of Incubators, Accelerators, Co-work Spaces, Community Centers, Clubs and Institutes. Due to the highly modular and (mostly) stand-alone nature of the components of the program, its modules may be strung together to construct a near-infinite variety of flexible credit or non-credit courses of varying durations suitable for faculty, alumni or members of the general public interested in raising their awareness and sharpening their Entrepreneurial skills.

Upcoming Courses
Here is a course that I am currently developing that is designed to help awaken the "Entrepreneur in all of us" through creativity exercises, role-play and practical exercises:
- HERO: The Entrepreneurial Journey (work in progress)